Bawumia Rubbishes Mahama’s Achievements Yet Again!

Bawumia on Mahama’s achievements, castigated the present government’s extravagance, saying that with little amount the NPP performed better in their tenure

Vice Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr. Bawumia, has yet again made nonsense of President Mahama’s achievements, which have been based on social infrastructure. The NPP running mate in his recent address, said that with limited resources, his party has achieved a whole lot more than the Mahama-led administration which has been so extravagant over the years.

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Bawumia on Mahama’s achievements, castigated the present government for spending extravagantly all in the name of state projects, when much could be done with the state resources. The NPP running mate said this and more, while speaking to electorates of Tempane in the Upper East Region as part of his campaign tour.

Elaborating his points, Bawumia said that with only 20 billion Ghana cedes; the NPP was able to construct National Youth Employment, National Health Insurance, Teacher Trainee allowance, free maternal care, Nurses Training allowance, Metro Mass Transit and a many more; a seemingly impossible achievement for the NDC.

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He pointed out that amidst the high borrowings coupled with the discovery of oil, the NDC government cannot sustain the social intervention programmes like the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), free maternal health care, teacher and nurses allowances and many more which the NPP initiated.

Bawumia further challenged Amissah Arthur for the second time to urgently respond to his 170 questions on the economy to enable Ghanaians decide which party to place their bet on for prudent management of the economy. The NPP running mate urged the electorate to vote massively for the major opposition party. He promised that the NPP will resuscitate NHIS, as well as reinstate allowances for teacher and nursing trainees across the country.

Bawumia earlier made this claims during the NPP’s 15th Extraordinary National Delegates Conference in Suyani. There, he had said that with a relatively small amount, former President Kufuor was able to perform far better than the present government.