You Need to See How Bawumia Trashed NDC’s “Setting The Records Straight” Claims!

Yo need to see how Bawumia trashes NDC’s claims, made during the ruling party’s ‘Setting the records straight’ forum…

Vice Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has responded to claims by the Mahama-led administration, that it has performed better in managing the economy, than any other government. The NPP Veep hopeful, who ‘exposed’ the economic shortcomings of the NDC during his “State of The Economy Address”, has continued with his criticisms of the ruling party.

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According to him, the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC ) administration has only succeeded in bringing an unprecedented hardship on the people. Dr. Bawumia’s remarks follows the ‘Setting the Records Straight’ forum organized by the NDC, to respond to his 170 statements about the economy.

The ruling party organised the forum on Sept 22, to dispel the NPP’s claims that the country’s economy has been built on straw as a result of the recklessness and mismanagement of the NDC.

But addressing the people of Adamkwaman community in the Assin South constituency of the  Central Region, Bawumia trashes NDC’s claims, urging the people not to heed to their deceitful assertions. Dr. Bawumia during his address, stated categorically that the incumbent government has wasted everything at their disposal. THe said this citing massive loans and revenues acquired by the NDC, which has still not been enough for it to stabilize the dwindling economy.

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Also citing the SADA and GYEEDA programmes which turned out unsuccessful, Bawumia said that a government that mismanaged funds meant for such programmes, cannot claim to have managed the economy well.

The NDC during the forum held on September 22nd, lambasted the NPP for promoting lies about the real state of the economy. Speaking at the forum, the Minister of Transport Fifi Kwetey, said that in spite of the many financial resources that was available to the NPP, it was unable to ensure a significant growth in terms of infrastructure development.

Trashing the opposition’s claims, he also said that the various loans have been invested in concrete projects and infrastructure, which the people can see for themselves.