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Accra, the capital of Ghana, is no doubt, one of the most exciting cities to be in West Africa. There are so many beautiful photos of Accra that have never been seen before. The city boasts amazing people, mouth-watering dishes, irresistible beaches and rich cultural heritage and history. With its sprawling vegetation, natural endowments, and a network of solid roads, Accra is a destination of choice for most tourists. The megacity stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast and draws out towards north inland.

The beautiful pictures of Accra below will certainly amaze you and even make you have a second thought about the city. Truth is, there is no much difference between these photos and the pictures of London and some other big cities around the world. These pictures were taken by travelers and you can’t but agree that Africa is blessed, and if you are from Ghana then you have something to be proud of. From the Zen Garden, Grill and Juice bar to the Maya Cova Beach Club, Labadi Beach, Chenku Water Fall, Coco Beach Resort, Yard Bird Building, to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, virtually everywhere in Accra is a beauty to behold and has spectacular quirks.

In Accra, there are some attractions that pull visitors to the city year after year. In fact, for some people, these sites are their go-to fun places anytime they are in Ghana. They is the Jamestown Lighthouse, Nubuke Foundation, Afrikiko, Fantasy Coffins, Makola Market, Sky Bar 25, Kokrobite, Santoku (one of Ghana’s top-notch restaurants), Aburi Botanical Garden, Labadi Beach, Artists Alliance Gallery, and many other charming places.

The city is best known as Ghana’s finest fun area with a wide range of restaurants, classic bars, hotels (including the multi-story French-owned Novotel hotel), and nightclubs. It has also grown to become a hub of business, especially for those trading in arts and crafts. Accra also boasts a robust real estate sector, mega shopping complex (Accra Mall, the West Hill Mall, and Osu Mall), and other affluent areas such as Manet, Sanpark Estates, Regimanuel, North Legon, West Legon, Trassaco Valley, Devtraco, Villagio (near the Accra Mall) and many more.  These areas are heavily occupied by rich, famous powerful and famous Ghanaians.

Accra was not close to this massive development some three to four decades ago when most people left Ghana in search of greener pastures. Though there is still a whole lot of infrastructural work to be done, not just in the capital city but especially in other cities and towns in the country, these photos speak a lot about our past and where we are headed and if we stay on the right track, it won’t be so long before Ghana as a whole becomes an architectural masterpiece and the envy of many nations.

Meanwhile, here are 8 important things you need to know before you visit Accra.

  • Get prepared for heavy traffic.
  • Get ready for the noise (unless you are lodging in a hotel)
  • Arm yourself with Ghanaian English (this is very important)
  • Keep up with these soap operas – Kumkum Bhagya and Osofo Dadzie.
  • Get the latest ‘gist’ and stay connected. You need to regularly get feedback from a local in order to know the latest trend in town.
  • It’s fun moving around with tro tro (a private minibus that runs a set of routes). You need to ride with, at least, one tro tro, as it makes everyone’s adventure memorable.
  • Get acquainted with the hand protocol. In Ghana, using your left to do anything isn’t welcomed. In fact, they consider it to be impolite. So, learn to use your right and also don’t forget to learn the national handshake.
  • If you are going to stay for a long time, please find a seamstress. Ghanaians are known for their unique fabrics and most people here seems to be very good at making clothes. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you rock any of their fabrics at any time.

Incredible photos of Accra that you might mistake for London

Accra Places 15

Accra Places 7

Accra Places 6

Accra Places 5

Accra Places 12

More Beautiful Photos of Accra…

Accra Places 4

Accra Places 11


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Accra Places 13

Accra Places 19

Accra Ghana19

You won’t believe this is still Accra…Here are beautiful photos of Accra

Accra Places 3

Accra Places 18

Accra Places 20

Accra Places 22

Accra Places 24

Startling, amazing…huh?

Accra Ghana10

Accra Places 1

Accra Places 21

Accra Ghana8

Accra Places 8

Take a look at more beautiful photos of Accra

Accra Ghana20

Accra Places 10

Accra Ghana16

Accra Ghana7

Accra Places 2

Credit to Charles Lawson (Montage) who took some of these photos

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