28 Incredible Photos Of Accra You Would Mistake For London

These beautiful pictures of Accra in Ghana will amaze you, it will make you have a second thought about Accra. There is no much difference between these photos and the pictures of London and some other big cities around the world. These pictures were taken by travelers and you can’t but agree that Africa is blessed, and if you are from Ghana then you have something to be proud of.

Accra was not close to this some 3 to 4 decades ago when most people left Ghana in search of greener pastures. Though there is still a whole lot of infrastructural work to be done, not just in the capital city but especially in other cities and towns in the country, these photos speak a lot about our past and where we are headed and if we stay on the right track, it won’t be so long before Ghana as a whole becomes an architectural masterpiece and the envy of many nations.

Take a good look at these incredible photos of Accra that you might mistake for London

Accra Places 15

Accra Places 7

Accra Places 6

Accra Places 5

Accra Places 12