Becca Finally Reveals Truth About Rumored Relationship With Bisa KDei

Like Bisa Kdei, Becca has released her own statement concerning her relationship with him. Becca denied claims of being in a relationship with Bisa Kdei. Just last month, information about the duo being together had been hovering on social media, with many speculating about a proposal from Bisa. However, what comes from the horse’s mouth is what can be maintained, and Becca has confirmed herself that she is not in a relationship with Bisa Kdei.

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Speaking in an interview on eTV, she revealed this when she was asked if they were dating, saying that they are just friends and if there was anything going on in the future she would come to the same show to say it.

What I do is this, I’m the sort of person who never says never to anything because you never know, things happen and you ask yourself ‘did this just happen? For now, I can assure you nothing is happening. We are friends and I want people to believe that. If anything happens, I promise I will come back on The Late Nite Celebrity Show and tell you everything. But so far, nothing has happened,” she said.

Following Bisa Kdei’s own response to the issue, being that they were never in a relationship, one can begin to wonder what had been going on between the two as it was almost proven that they were dating. Becca who seemed to be love struck after an all acknowledged romantic post on social media got everyone talking.

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But since the two stars have all but left us hanging with in the sun, we have to accept that there isn’t anything going on between them. However, their fans are not disappointed as they still look forward to the connection they are sure will happen eventually but let’s all remember its their life and not ours.