Ghana is one of the most enterprising and global hub spots in West Africa, thanks to all the organizations in this lists. Compiled from a wide range of sectors, what these companies have in common is enlightened and forward-looking leaders investing in the wellbeing and motivation of their most valuable assets – their employees; thus establishing themselves as the best companies in Ghana.

These companies give recognition to successful enterprise building and provide incentives for improved corporate performance. In this article, we’ve looked at the sheer size of the companies, the management, the profitability, and growth. Listed below are the top 10 companies to work for in the West African country. 

1. Regimanuel Gray Group

Under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel Kwasi Botchwey; Regimanuel Gray group has without a doubt invested into the hearts of the elite and affluent society, they have extensively invested in mining (Bessblock Concrete Products Limited) and hospitality (Desjoyaux Ghana Limited) in Ghana and neighboring African countries (Sierra Leone). Their success can be attributed to the bright and able Mr. Emmanuel Kwasi Botchwey who is well worth $300 million and has constructed over 2500 houses to date spear-heading the urban stroke of living to the populace.

2. Ashanti Goldfields

Gold is one of the most long-lasting metals in the world. Since 1897, Ashanti Goldfields has invested in this precious metal and to date is one of the largest gold producers in the world.

Ashanti Goldfields - best companies in Ghana

3. Kencity Media

Media is a mighty buck that we all pay a small dollar for. Nonetheless, Kencity Media has invested in online media through its subsidiary Oman FM 107.1 in Accra Ghana. That aside, they are responsible for what you read in the National Agenda Newspaper. In all, media has a big role in what the citizens partake of their day to day lives and has proven that it’s a necessary revision in our daily lives. Media is information and information is power and change. The man behind all this is Mr. Kennedy Agyapong.

4. Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre

Leisure is considered a place for the urban society where you work from 8-5, Monday through Friday and then relax in the ambiance of freedom and stress-free life. Obviously, this mirage comes at a certain fee and Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre has not failed in making the best out of this opportunity. In fact, it is undoubtedly one of the best Entertainment centers in Africa, equipped to suit anything at your leisure; exquisite restaurants, a sky bar, Latina Night, and live entertainment space to name a few.

5. Antrak Group of companies

In Ghana, when you mention the word transport you are inferring to Antrak. A giant in transport infrastructure in Africa, Antrak plays a huge role in shipping, trucking, and stevedore with its cargo terminal in Tema. Dr. Alhaji a well-renowned philanthropist and business mogul is the man behind the Antrak. Needless to say that transport, regardless of how much the world goes digital is still a vital part of our daily lives. Another arm that Antrak has had an affair in is venture capitalism for developing companies with a bright green future as well as being active in the airline and offshore supply industries.

6. Intercontinental Bank Ghana

Banking is one of the most prestigious industries to work in. They say if you work in a bank you can’t go wrong financially. This is so because you get to learn how to make good money decisions and expose yourself to individuals who are vastly experienced in the world of business. As such, attaining financial freedom becomes feasible. The Intercontinental Bank Ghana (IBG) has a universal license and operational structures that facilitate this agenda, thanks to its license issued to by Bank of Ghana. Since receiving its license in 2006 IBG has grown steadily from consumer deposits of 120% per annum to over 300% per annum.

7. Rlg Communications

When the sudden urge comes to say hello to your friend, colleague, acquaintance, or business partner who is a couple of miles away then your cell phone, email or any catchy smart device in your bag should suffice. Rlg is well stocked in this industry and is giving Ghana a run for their cash. Communication is vital for any relationship to prosper (casual or professional) and is a basic necessity for human prosperity. If you are looking to make it big then this is one of the best companies in Ghana you should not overlook.

Rlg Communications

8. Enterprise Life Insurance Company Limited

Insurance has always assured us that all our expensive, well invested, and can’t live without assets are safe. They do so by making sure certain tragic accidents that could happen are covered for financially. Enterprise Life Insurance has done well in this sector staking itself in marines, fire, motor and car accidents.

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9. Jospong Group of Companies

With a huge stake in printing and publishing, Jospong has worked hard to assert itself. Printing and publishing is a well-known business for making a statement, sending a message and driving sales sky high. Furthermore, Jospong has spread its arms into other high stakes industries; health, oil, construction, and property management to name a few. If you are looking to make a statement then this is the place to be.

10. Toyota Ghana Limited

Cars have done a good job in replacing the chariots and horses of the dark and middle ages. Toyota Ghana limited has staked up millions working in partnership with the famous Toyota brand from Japan. Why work in the car industry? Why not? Horses are gone for good and cars are here to stay.