I’m Still Not Ready To Make Peace With Shatta Wale – Criss Waddle

After the ‘diss’ videos and controversial social media posts, Criss Waddle has decided to tell his own side of the Bie Gya controversy story. The Arab Money Gang (AMG) boss in an extensive interview on the controversy surrounding the track, expressed his sadness over the whole incident, explaining how hurt he was during the controversy.

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After the Bie Gya controversy which was sparked by the release of single track by both Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle, the fan camps of the duo; SM and AMG respectively, have been at war with each other. Notwithstanding the plea by the two stars to their fans to keep calm, it seems they are just so loyal to the core, especially Shatta’s fans.

Several insulting videos were released by Criss Waddle and fans of Shatta Wale during the controversy, which can be said to have damaged the relationship between the two A-listers. It is sad that such a thing came between the two, considering the fact they have been good friends in the entertainment industry.

While speaking at the interview, the AMG boss revealed the main reason behind their differences to be pride on both sides especially on the part of Shatta Wale. According to him, he totally respects Shatta so much that just a call from him would have calmed everything down.

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However, referring to both sides, he said that until the right thing is done, and egos put on check, he is not ready to make peace. When asked if any industry personality have tried to resolve the differences, he said although there have not been any official attempts from the public, he prefers to solve the issue on a personal level with the dancehall king, .

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