18 Most Shocking Scandals That Rocked Ghanaian Entertainment Industry

Forget about the  money, success and magazine covers – you’ll know you’ve finally arrived when the things you say, the things you do or what you get up to in the bedroom becomes front page news. A Scandal is an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. A scandal might be targeted at an individual or an institution/organisation, might be true or sometimes false, but one common and perculiar thing is that it causes public outrage and ends up damaging the image of such individual or organisation. Scandals are common in our entertainment industry amongst both our male and female celebrities to the extent that most of them now see it as a way of life. No matter how they view it, the truth still remains that scandals are not good and has the potential of destroying a celebrity’s career whether true or false. Here are some of the biggest scandals that ever hit the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Most Shocking Scandals That Rocked Ghanaian Entertainment Industry


Raquel scandals

Blessed with  woderful and sweet voice Raquel released her hit track called “Sweetio”. On one of her shows, she disgraced herself by not wearing panties to the stage and this caused a public outrage. This act became so serious to the extent that Musiga had to run to her aid. Trust the internet, the photos went viral anyways.