BNI Picks up Nana Addo’s Security Officer Jogging by Flagstaff House

Reports indicate that Nana Addo’s security as well as Alhassan Abubarkar were taken to the BNI cells. At the moment, no charges have been leveled against the two 

A strange incident happened at the premises of the FlagStaff House on Sunday. The BNI picked up a member of NPP Flagbearer Nana Addo’s security detail and one other, while they were jogging by the Flagstaff House.

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It happened that two men; Jalil Bawa, a former police officer and a member of the security team and Alhassan Abubakar, who is in his late 20s, were jogging by the FlagStaff House when Abubakar’s keys fell into the sand. The duo who reside at Nima, stopped to retrieve the key and continued with their exercise.

However, about 50 meters away, two security officials accosted them and accused them of planting something in the ground. The two had reportedly tried to explain their intentions for bending over around the FlagStaff premises, to no avail. Subsequently, the security officials walked them back to the spot where the key fell and instructed that they dug around the area to ensure they have not planted anything aimed at harming officials.

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Having confirmed there was nothing there, one of the security officers identified Jalil Bawa as a former police officer who left the service and joined the NPP security team. His confirmation reportedly sprung up paranoia among the FlagStaff security officials, who were obviously of the NDC. Several security officers poured out of the Flagstaff House and the two were led inside.

Information gotten from indicates that the two were reportedly taken to the BNI cells. However, no charges have been leveled against them so far.