Kevin-Prince Las Palmas Deal: Fans Shocked As Player Leaves for the Most Passionate Reason!

Kevi-Prince Boateng’s Las Palmas deal termination decision was really a dilemma for the German-Ghanaian player, but he just had to do it!

Kevin-Prince Boateng has terminated his three-year deal with Las Palmas. The energetic midfielder ended his Las Palmas deal on Wednesday, August 16, for “personal reasons of irreversible character”.

Speaking during a news conference held to announced his departure, the popular midfielder revealed that he had to take the decision in order to have enough time with his family.

According to the 30-year-old midfielder, it was very difficult for him to arrive at the decision, but he had to do it “as a father, as a husband, not as a player”.

Prince Boateng who is married with a son, implied that he needed to keep a distance that will allow him perform his conjugal and paternal responsibilities.

Speaking further, Prince said his family is the most important thing, and he took the decision after coming to terms with the club’s president. These were his very words:

A very difficult day for me, it is not easy to understand and is my responsibility. It’s a decision as a father, as a husband, not as a player. I take this decision for my family which is the most important thing. I’m not well being away from my family, I told the President and he understood.”

Boateng’s Las Palmas Deal

Kevin-Prince Boateng joined the Canary Islanders from AC Milan on a one year deal on 2nd August 2016. Scoring on his debut with the club in a 4-2 win against Valencia, the 30-year-old became an instant hit in the last La Liga season, with a total of 10 goals to emerge as the club’s top scorer.

Prince Boateng’s Las Palmas deal was thus renewed to a three-year deal in May, 2017, with the player rejecting offers from several European clubs both in Spain and abroad.

However, Boateng seems not to be very happy at the Spanish side, since his family still reside in Germany; hence, his decision to leave to be with his family.

Boateng’s decision has shocked Las Palmas fans who were hoping to have the talented footballer with them till year 2020. The club’s authority has revealed that the midfielder will have to look for a new club where he will be closer to his family.