Rare Marketing Strategy: Sanitary Pad Brand ‘Bodyform’ Replaces Blue liquid With Red ‘Blood’ For Adverts

Bodyform advert -Apparently, a UK-based sanitary pad company is out to kick out the taboo or stereotype linked with women’s menstrual cycle.

Essity, makers of Bodyform sanitary pad has proven that they are not just out to make money but to leave a lasting impact in the society with regards to female gender discrimination.

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The company based in the UK has become the first brand in the country to feature sanitary pads stained with red liquid, rather than blue, in its adverts. Bodyform has ditched the blue liquid, saying it wants to confront the taboos about periods.

Bodyform’s video campaign, #bloodnormal, shows a woman in the shower with blood running down her thigh and a man buying sanitary towels.

With the slogan “no blood should hold us back”, it featured a sanitary towel on a TV advert for the first time.

Cliche Blue Liquid Usage

Over the years, sanitary brands have traditionally opted to use a blue liquid in adverts, to represent how much moisture their pads can hold. Feminine product makers seemingly turned the perceived discomfort with menstruation into a marketing tactic.

Bodyform advert

Some companies upheld the defense that blue has a calming effect and clean connotation. Moreso, there is also the perception that women do not want to be explicitly reminded of blood when they are looking for sanitary pads or tampons.

However, women have not really voiced their take on the widespread usage of blue color. Nevertheless, the response gotten has never been solely centered on a disapproval of the idea.

As a matter of fact, women generally do not care whether a blue or yellow color is used.

Bodyform Stands Out Amid Mixed Perceptions

But Essity, the company which makes Bodyform, said it wanted to “challenge the stigma around periods”. The commercial begins with a vial of blood being poured onto the sanitary towel to show its ‘ultra-absorbing core.’

This recent Bodyyform advert follows a 2016 advert where sportswomen were shown muddy and bloodied while doing activities like bike riding, boxing and running. The new campaign has been mostly well received.

The Bodyform advert featured blood streaming down a woman’s arm while she is in the shower, as well as various depictions of sanitary towels – including a lilo that is shaped like one.

During the commercial, a man is also seen purchasing a packet of sanitary towels in the supermarket. According to the company, research found 74% of people wanted to see more honest representation in adverts.