Bole Schools Pupils Study On Bare Floor Due To Inadequate Furniture

According to reports, some of the Bole schools pupils resort to lying on the floor to receive lessons.

Information reaching us reveals an unpleasant situation which has seen pupils in some basic schools in the Bole Bamboi district of the Northern Region sit on the dirty floor during class. According to reports, some of the pupils in Bole schools resort to lying on the floor to receive lessons.

The Finder also reported that Bole R/C Primary, R/C Primary B and Bole Methodist Primary schools, which are situated close to the district assembly block and the police station, are faced with the problem of inadequate furniture.

Bole Schools Pupils’ Condition Becoming a Trend

In the aforementioned Bole schools, some classrooms have limited furniture while some have none, which results to majority of the pupils sitting or lying on bare floor. This bizarre situation has sadly become a trend in the Bole Bamboi district as there are many other basic schools in the district faced with the same problem.

The residents of the district have been complaining about the poor conducive learning environment of the children in the district. Bole residents are appealing to the government to hasten to intervene on the situation of these Bole schools pupils, as they are not only exposed to poor academic performance but to health hazards as well.

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However, word has also broken out that the education authorities in the district have no knowledge of the situation of the mentioned schools. According to reports, the Bole district director of education, Mrs. Leo Cadiya has denied knowledge of the situation of these schools. She has revealed that she has not inspected schools in that area as more of her focus has been on schools outside the district.

Also, the Bole District Chief Executive, Mr. Samson Jaga, has said he has not been informed on the learning conditions of the basic schools.

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These recent revelations which the district authorities are just getting to know is hoped to motivate and hasten intervention from government on the issue.