Bukom Banku Admits He’s Bleaching, but for the Most Ridiculous Reasons! See for Yourself…

While some people are still doubting the credibility of the viral Bukom Banku ‘bleaching’ photos, and some others throwing criticisms at media reporters, the popular Boxer Bukom Banku decides to say nothing but the truth. However, the reason behind this truth is what is worrisome…

Comic Professional Ghanaian Boxer Bukom Banku has reversed his previous statement and has now confirmed that he is bleaching his skin.

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According to the boxer, he is bleaching for Ghana’s President, John Manama, to make him Ghana’s ambassador to Germany after winning the 2016 general elections.

In an interview on Radio Gold’s Home Touch entertainment programme on Thursday, the boxer said tells ghanaians the reason behind his bleaching spree. Hear him:

“I am bleaching my skin because when John Mahama wins 2016 elections, he will make me Ghana’s ambassador to Germany. I am bleaching myself for German people to know that German people and Bukom Banku are one.”

Continuing, Bukom Banku said that bleaching cannot affect his skin because he has a very good skin. He also added that, rashes can’t affect him because he is using Cleaning Claire and as well taking medicine. He further claimed that anyone who sees him now, will notice that he is from Germany. Banku stressed that he wants Ghanaians to know that he is now German.

Still speaking, the controversial boxer said he is currently in Ho, at Okudzeto Ablakwa’s constituency with President John Mahama. He explained that if he does not become fair by bleaching, Mahama won’t give him the position of the German Ambassador. But having done what he is supposed to do, he now looks fresh for the President.

He also indicated that he has put his boxing career on hold to enable him campaign for John Mahama’s NDC party to win in the upcoming elections. He however said that if the President does not win, he would go back to boxing.

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This confirmation from Bukom Banku comes after photos of his bleached skin went viral on social media on Wednesday. Many people criti­cized him while others wondered if the photos were Photo-shopped.

However, the boxer said people should not be worried about his decision to bleach. According to him, “People should­n’t be worried. I am changing my system for a while. I want to tell Ghanaians not to worry about me. I will bleach till August and then stop.”