Break This Silence On Gay Marriage! Traditional Priest Demands President Mahama

Gay marriage has recently been made completely legal in the whole of the United States, and there is great fear that the position will soon spread to other countries of the world. Though a lot of other countries who claim to have laws against homosexuality have not officially declared their stand on the issue, there is a strong possibility that they would succumb to the dictates of the US either in the name of world peace, to maintain a cordial international relations or for several other reasons.

It is on this note that Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a dreaded traditional priest, is demanding that Ghana’s President, John Mahama, should make his stand on the issue open to all Ghanaians and to assure them that his government would not hide behind the cloak of ‘civil rights’ to legalise same sex marriages just as the United States have done.

Kwaku Bonsam is not only interested in knowing the president’s stand, he is also calling on Ghanaian pastors whose churches have branches in the United States to break their silence on the legalisation of same sex marriages in America and also to openly condemn it.

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kwaku-bonsam (1)

This is what he said on NEWS-ONE in Twi.:

“What I see is that our leaders are not sure what position to take on this homosexuality rights issue; and that is why we must ask our president and direct questions on Ghana’s position on homosexuality and why we have not joined the international debate. When I went to New York recently, the debate was very heated there but in Ghana, we are silent on it though we know the homosexuals are increasing in number and getting more people involved. All our leaders say Ghana is not in support of homosexuality and we have laws against homosexuality yet almost every Ghanaian knows where to find someone involved in homosexualism and it is surprising that we pretend homosexuality is a crime but we do not question or deal with people who commit that crime. Even our renowned pastors who have big churches in Ghana and the churches have branches in America have all been silent since America passed the law to make homosexuality a legal thing. Either they are silent because they support the new law or they do not want to have problems with America because they have churches there and the churches are making a lot of dollars for them. We all have to start praying because I can smell it in the air that there are people in very high places pushing a gay agenda in Ghana and our churches cannot help it”.

Meanwhile, the President is yet to give his response to this issue and all ears are open to hear what he has to say.

We’ll love to have your own opinion on the matter. What do you think about the spread of homosexuality in Ghana and beyond? Please share your views in the comment session below.