BREAK UP: Avoid the Drama! Pay Someone To Do Your “Dirty Job!”

Relationships, started from creation itself. Men and women are different both in their biological, emotional and mental build-up. They have different physical and emotional needs, which is what brings them together in the first instance. But most times, you find that these needs are not being met, making a break-up (not in the case of marriage), inevitable. Even as much as no one likes to see a good relationship come to an end, it takes hard work and patience to make them work.

Sometimes, despite your frantic attempts to salvage your relationships, they just simply stay in a state of “comatose” (neither dead nor alive). And here you are, stuck with this person because it is so difficult to say, “it’s over!” Breaking up is a hard thing to do. It’s either you can’t find the guts to say those dreaded words or you feel it’s not right for you to say them, so you just “tag” along.  But either way, there is good news! Because an Australian service called “Sorry It’s Over” will do the break-up for you.

37-year-old, Kristy Mazins, who was previously a bedside nurse, which she claims has given her the ability to use the right words in tense situations, has created a service that will do your “dirty work” for you, so you don’t have to bother.

According to Kirsty, “People don’t like the confrontation. People are scared of it. It’s a much needed service because it takes the fear out of breaking up.”

So for just A$5.50, she will send a text or email to your “soon-to-be-broken-up-with” partner, which will read:

“We have not been seeing eye-to-eye. I feel we are too different. It is me not you. There is no chemistry anymore. Hope you will be OK. We can still be friends.” or “How dare you treat me like this! It is over and I could not be happier. I deserve better than you. You will never find anyone as good as me.”

For an increased charge of A$12, your partner will get a phone call, while a posted letter costs A$13.50. She says her clients give her a general outline of what they want to say and she will add a little spice “if needed.”

She will even send a box which will contain, a bottle of wine, flowers, chocolates, tissues, peanuts or snacks for A$90. And for her premium package of A$66, she will setup “personal meeting with a human representative” to end the relationship with your partner. Great, right?

You Can Now Pay Someone To Break Up With Your Girlfriend For You–If You Can’t Find Your Testicles

According to the website,

“It’s never easy to separate, so let us do your dirty work. Why bother telling your lover goodbye yourself. Who needs the grief and who has the time?” the site states.

“It’s tiresome when you have had enough of your partner. You have to make up some reason why don’t want to be with them any more. Then you have to decide how to deliver the news.

“Why look them in the eye and watch the hurt? No one wants to deal with all that screaming, sobbing, begging and emotional pleas of ‘just one more chance’.”

Unfortunately, the service is currently only available in Australia at the moment but would make its way to Ghana in less than no time.

Great idea for service delivery. Good luck with this idea, Kristy and the crew…