Breaking News: Gas Station Explosion Death Toll Reaches 175

Tragedy struck in the capital city of Ghana, Accra in the late hours of Wednesday when fire gutted a gas station and buildings around near the Kwame Nkrumah circle, leaving not less than 78 people burnt to death according to immediate recoveries.

The blast was caused by a fire that erupted in a lorry terminal nearby around 10.00 pm (5. pm ET), before spreading to the petrol station and other buildings in Accra. The initial cause and details of the overnight explosion is yet unknown but it is being linked to the torrential rain which was on at the time of the accident. It was also suspected that the flooding caused diesel and petrol to flow away from the gas station and into a fire from a nearby house which then led to the explosion. Most of the victims of the fire were those taking shelter at the gas station from the heavy rains.


Firefighters battled the blaze into the early hours of the next day while police and soldiers joined emergency crews in helping to rescue people trapped in the wreckage. According to Billy Anaglate, a spokesman for Ghana Fire Service, crews were still recovering bodies early Thursday at the scene.

Meanwhile, Accra, the capital city, has suffered two days of heavy rains that have flooded homes, caused power outages, and left some roads inaccessible. It is indeed a period of a sad time for people residing in the capital city of Ghana as they are undergoing series of hard times ranging from flood, incessant power outages and then the fire incident.

As at today, death toll has risen up to 175.  This new figure appears to include people killed in the explosion, others who drowned at the blast site trying to escape the flames and still more who drowned elsewhere in the city.

Charred bodies of the victims were carried away in lorries. The nearest mogue to the scene of the incident have already reached its full capacity.

Mahama visited the blast site during the day, calling the death toll “catastrophic” and offering condolences to families of the victims. He also promised huge financial aid to the survivors of the tragic incidents.