Bride Rejects Groom After Shifting Wedding to Watch Football Match

A very interesting but unfortunate event has occurred in Saudi Arabia! According to, a couple had their wedding scheduled for Thursday at the groom’s home in Southern Baha town, but the groom who is a passionate football fan skipped his wedding to watch a live football match, leaving the bride’s father with no other option than to call off the marriage for that day.


Meanwhile, he told the bride’s family that he had to take care of a very important business deal that came up impromptu.

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Unfortunately for the die-hard-football-lover-groom, the bride’s family soon discovered his lies – he had instead of what he told them, flown to the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah to watch a football match.


Consequently, the bride’s father decided to cancel the marriage and reject the groom on the grounds that he is a liar and could not shoulder marital responsibilities.

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