Bright Akwetey Says He Has No Option Than to Support Greenstreet

As nothing tangible came out of the allegations of bribery against Ivor Greenstreet after winning in Saturday’s CPP presidential primaries, defeated Bright Akwetey has openly declared his intentions to support their party’s flag bearer.

Mr. Akwetey, who was competing with Samia Nkrumah, Ivor Greenstreet and Joseph Agyepong for the CPP flagbearership, came last by managing a paltry 44 votes.

Ivor, who is a former general secretary of the party, obtained a massive 1,288 votes of the 1,992 valid votes to beat his former chairperson, Samia Nkrumah who came a distant second with 579 votes in the Saturday polls of the Nkrumahist party. The others were Joseph Agyapong – 83 and Bright Akwetey 42 votes.

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Mr Akwetey previously joined Samia Nkrumah to lay accusations on Greenstreet that he bought the votes that earned him the win. This was his statement while expressing his worries over Ivor’s victory on Saturday which he described as mind ‘boggling’.

What is happening in the CPP is worrying. We appear to be learning from the corrupt practices of the NDC and NPP, which they are moving away from.

Everyone who was there will tell you that money exchanged hands and even though he is hardworking and has visited almost every part of the country, it is mind boggling that he won. He paid the delegates and he knows that. As for me, I work hard for my money so I won’t go and share it like that, I won’t do that,” he fumed.

But Mr. Akwetey in an interview on Eyewitness News said he will throw his weight behind Greenstreet since the delegates have decided that he should lead the party.

This was after he confessed that he performed poorly because he did not have time to carry out a nationwide campaign unlike the winner, Mr. Greenstreet.

The delegates have decided that and I have to go with their decision and I will support Ivor Greenstreet. I have no other option. If I say I belong to this party and I chose to be part of the party from infancy, I will not go anywhere. I will go with the decision of the rank and file of the party and I will support him. I don’t have to be a flagbearer before I contribute what I have to contribute.”

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