British Drug Dealer Arraigned And Charged In Ghana

The British drug dealer whose extradition process has just started today has been charged with dealing with prohibited drugs in Ghana. According to reports, he had no attorney present for his case, and he also pleaded not guilty to the charges.

David McDermott was arraigned before an Accra circuit court today to begin his extradition process. He was arrested in connection with a plot by a drug dealing group to import 71 million Euros worth of Cocaine into the UK.

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Also, reports show that the fugitive drug dealer is in possession of a Ghanaian passport with the name David Smith and he runs a mining company in the Eastern region.

Ghanaian prosecutors at the Court today said investigations are still ongoing and that they are expecting additional information from British law enforcement agencies to aid their investigations. McDermott’s gang is believed to be responsible for the failed smuggling operation discovered by Border Force at Tilbury Docks in May 2013 when officers seized 400kg (881Ibs) of cocaine smuggled into the UK.

David is married to the daughter of the Governor of  Bank of Ghana (BoG). Being a son -in-law to one of Ghana’s prominent people, he lived a high brow life and was least suspected to be in connection with drug dealing. He had been hunted by élite detectives and is said to have been on the run for about three years.

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There had been questions raised as to how much the BoG Governor, Dr. Henry Wampah or his family knew about David and the drug deals. To clarify issues, Dr, Wampah issued a statement on Sunday saying he was clueless concerning David’s real identity of being a drug dealer or having any knowledge of the case until his arrest.

The Extradition case which kicked off today was adjourned to March 30, 2016.