Lawyers For British Drug Lord Push For His Trial In Ghana

Lawyers for the exposed British Drug Lord David McDermott, who has been arraigned and charged in Ghana are contesting his extradition. The lawyers are pushing for the fugitive to be tried in Ghana. They are of the defence that his charge for dealing with prohibited drugs is not against the extradition laws of Ghana, and so does not warrant for him to be sent to the UK for trial.

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They are also claiming that no drug substance was found among the inventory of items seized at the fugitive’s residence. If their defence prevails, then the fugitive will be tried in Ghana and not in the UK.

David McDermott, a UK national, has been hunted by the National Crime Agency in the UK, being a suspected member of a Liverpool-based organized crime group involved in a conspiracy to import and supply cocaine in the UK. He was arrested on March 11 in an international sting operation at his home in Burma Hills in Accra.

An extradition process kicked off immediately after his arrest. However, David McDermott and his lawyers are fighting extensively for his trial in the country.

Before his arrest, the British Drug Lord had enjoyed a luxurious and affluent life being the husband of Ramona Wampah, step-daughter of the BoG Governor. Living in a high brow area in Accra with his wife and child, he was having a good time of his life when his cover was blown by the National Crime Agency.

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There were hovering speculations as to if the BoG governor knew about the true identity of the British Drug Lord. To clarify issues, Dr Wampah said neither he nor his family knew anything about the fugitive’s identity or the case at hand.

More updates on the extradition process to get to you soon.