Incredible! British Prime Minister David Cameron Buys a £1,500 Used Nissan Micra for Wife

A dealer in second-hand cars in London, Iain Harris, was in for a surprise on Friday when he got a call from the British Prime Minister’s security team telling him that PM David Cameron would like to buy a second-hand blue Nissan Micra from him.

Prime Minister David Cameron Saturday morning bought a used Nissan Micra costing £1,495. Cameron bought the blue, 2004 Micra from a used-car dealer in his constituency, the Witney Used Car Centre in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire. Reports by the Guardian suggests that the PM bought the car for his wife Samantha.

Iain Harris, the car dealer at Witney Used Car Centre, said he thought it was his friends winding him up when he received a call from Mr Cameron’s security detail asking if he would mind staying open for an extra half an hour on Friday night so the prime minister could look over the secondhand car.

The car dealer couldn’t believe his eyes when the British Prime Minister turned up at the appointed time to have a look at the car. He got even more surprises when he showed up again Saturday morning at 10 am as promised and paid for the car.

The Car

According to Mr Harris who indicated the car has had a second user, the Prime Minister said he was looking for a runabout for his wife, and never bothered to look at any other car.

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Iain Harris noted that he was compelled by the PM’s down-to-earth attitude, (and of course, the quality of car he was buying) not to give him any special treatment.

“He was just like a normal bloke buying a car for his wife,” Mr Harris says. “No airs or graces. That was it really… Take away all the security people around and it was just a chap buying a car and that was it.”

“I didn’t give him a discount, he paid the screen price, got the log book, went to the post office to pay the tax and off he went,” Harris said.

Still short of reasons why the British Prime Minister should make such a ‘low’ move, Iain Harris says he thinks Cameron must have browsed the internet for a car – a British-made car, five-door hatchback, not too expensive, within 10 miles of his constituency, and he found this one.

Still expressing surprise, the car dealer recounts, “He said he’d sorted out his insurance, and he drove off, just like that…“And then I thought, I’ve just sold a car to the prime minister!”