Mouths Agape as Controversial Bukom Banku Turns Pastor! See For Yourself

As controversial Banku turns pastor, social media has been buzzing with remarks of different sorts

After the comic boxer publicly said ‘no to bleaching’, one would think he would stay mute for a while to let the media and the public do their ‘thing’. But as it appears, Bukom Banku is very far from staying mute. For those who do not know; Banku, is now an evangelist!

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The cruiser weight boxer earlier in July, publicly declared he has renounced skin bleaching after several months of bleaching his skin. A few days ago, he claimed he had been converted to Christianity and would serve God. Now; a few days after his declaration, Banku has been seen preaching the message of salvation in the streets of Bukom, in the heart of Accra. The boxer has been heard pleading with residents to become ‘born again’ and accept Christ. As controversial Banku turns pastor, social media has been buzzing with remarks of different sorts.

Banku turns pastor1

This is indeed a shocker for Ghanaians as very few people take the boxer seriously. More so, before his conversion, Banku made both shocking and bizarre confessions about his past life, promising to turn a new leaf. This then makes more sense, as it is now understood the boxer made those confessions to free himself from his past.

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Braimah ‘Bukom Banku’ Kamoko, over the years has been in the news for the most bizarre reasons including beating up a woman for allegedly refusing to ‘bed’ him. His negative buzz in the media heightened this year following news of his skin bleaching. Banku whose skin turned white due to excessive bleaching had said in several interviews that he was influenced by one of his wives, who introduced him to bleaching.

He had also given another reason to be his desire to be appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, should President Mahama win in the 2016 elections. But after an encounter with young gospel musician Mclerk, he publicly renounced the act. And only a few weeks after, he goes into evangelism; talk about making a u-turn!