Burundi Capital Grenade Attacks: Dozens Wounded

At least a dozen have been reported injured in a series of grenade attacks which took place in Burundi capital on Monday. Attackers were said to have hurled grenades in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura. This is said to be the latest in the series of attacks in the central African nation.

According to witnesses, three grenades were thrown by men on a motorbike in the symbolic heart of the city. Two of the explosions happened in an open market on Monday in the Ngagara area of Bujumbura, killing at least two. Two other grenades exploded in the centre of Bujumbura, injuring 11 people. A third explosion happened in the Buyenzi area, wounding at least three people. According to SOS Medias Burundi, a journalist and witnesses, a young child was killed.

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“We do not know what is going on. but it is clear they want to terrorize us. I heard three grenade explosions and here, near the central roundabout, there were several wounded” said a witness.

Grenade blasts which has increased in the past weeks has been rampant in the nation for quite a while now. At the moment it has not been ascertained as to the person directly responsible for these attacks. The series of attacks are said to be traced back to April last year after President Pierre Nkurunziza ran for and won a controversial third term. This had led to many mass protests, with an ex General planning a coup against the embattled president who was away from the country for a summit in Tanzania. These consequently sparked up regular killings in the country.

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Facts have it that hundreds of people have lost their lives in the grenade saga, with at least 230,000 fleeing the country. However, the leader of the failed coup in May 2015, ex-general Godefroid Nyombare, now leads a rebel group, ‘Forebu’, which according to them, is aimed at protecting the population and upholding the ‘Arusha Agreement’ which paved the way towards the end of the 1993-2006 civil war in Burundi – an agreement which they said President Nkurunziza breached by his third term rule.