Butchers Of Kumasi Abattoir Slaughter Animals In The Open To Protest Fees Increments

The Butchers in the Kumasi Abattoir in a bid to protest against the recent increment in their fees have resorted to slaughtering animals in the open.

They say that they will not relent in their protest until their demands are met and the new GHC30 which has been recently introduced is abolished. As a result of the increase, it was gathered that butchers are now required to pay GHc30 per slaughter instead of the initial GHc25 and non-butchers who initially paid GHc45for will now pay GHc50.

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The management of the Kumasi Abattoir maintained that the increment is very necessary for the running and maintenance of the abattoir especially considering the recent increment in utility tariffs and the likes.

According to some reports, the management of the abattoir had reportedly locked the main area where the butchering takes place at the abattoir which however, compelled the protesting butchers to start slaughtering of cows in the open instead of complying with the management’s increment.

This act which is considered unhygienic, however raised some eyebrows among the public as the issue of meat safety concerns cannot be ruled out.

The Manager of the Kumasi Abbattoir Bugbil Zobil who spoke to Citi News had this to say on the issue;

“Every abattoir is supposed to be a company that should be working for profits but when you come to our abattoir, it’s not the same. We are not even breaking even.”

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He detailed out some of the factors surrounding the increment, ranging from water to electricity bills, and staff salaries, implying that it was not at all meant to exploit or extort money from the butchers.

 ”When you put all these things together, the 25 current cedis that we are currently receiving does not suffice what we use the money for and therefore we are not even breaking even how much more to make a profit,” he continued.

But the butchers on the other hand argue that they were not notified of the GHC30 increment. They also said they would find some other place to do their slaughtering if their protests seem insignificant.