President Mugabe’s 70-Year-Old Aide Cain Mathema Marries His 23-Year-Old Lover

wonders they say shall never end.

While Zimbabweans and the entire Africa awaits Mugabe’s resignation with baited breaths, his aide Cain Mathema has gone ahead to shock us even more than we anticipated in this yuletide season.

News has it that 70-year-old Cain Mathema married his 23-year-old lover Bathabetsoe Nare in the most lavish and colorful ceremony at Bulawayo, Zimbabwe last weekend.

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Cain is not just Mugabe’s very trusted aide and close friend, he is also the governor of Mathebeleland North Province.

While many were shocked at the news, it is quite clear that Governor Cain has quite the record when it comes to matrimony of the most scandalous nature.

In 2009, Cain made headlines when he left his wife and cleaved to her maid in holy matrimony. News of the wedding became talk of town while many seized every opportunity to hurl insults at Cain and his maid turned wife.

As if that was not news enough, in 2014, while the maid-turned-wife was away on industrial attachment at their government complex, Cain’s wandering eye went on a journey that ended in another trip down the aisle with Nare whom he reportedly met not too long ago. Apparently, history repeated itself.

Two years later and precisely on Thursday the 22nd of December 2016, Cain tied the knot.

In this way, many think Cain is following the example of his boss Mugabe whose wife is much younger than he is. Nare graduated from the Midlands state University.

Watch the video of the happy couple dancing away at their wedding reception.

Despite the joy of the new couple, the ordinary people of Zimbabwe could not help but feel a bit slighted at the lavish ceremony  considering the situation of things in the county and the amount of hunger and lack that people endure coupled with Mugabe’s refusal to step down and hand over the reins of the country to a younger person.