Ghanaian Soldier Mistaken For Robber Killed: 5 Key Facts You Should Know

Captain Mahama’s Killing: Here are five quick facts you need to know…

Man’s inhumanity to man came to its climax on Monday, May  29, 2017, when residents of Diaso, Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region, lynched and burnt a military officer whom they mistook for an armed robber. The officer, Captain Maxwell ahama was a military officer with the 5th Infantry Batallion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra, who was on detachment duties in the area where he met his untimely death.

The officer, Captain Maxwell Mahama was a military officer with the 5th Infantry Batallion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra, who was on detachment duties in the area where he met his untimely death.

Captain Mahama was jogging without his military uniform in the area on that fateful morning when some women spotted a gun on him as he stopped to inquire for directions. The women had raised an alarm to the hearing of the youth in the area, who angrily descended on the mistaken robber.

Several pleas by the officer that he was not a criminal fell on deaf ears, as the angry residents beat him to death and subsequently burnt his remains.

Residents in the area reportedly made the erroneous assumption due to constant armed robbery attacks in the community, with a recent one being a day before.

Following the gruesome jungle justice, tons of reactions from different angles have been pouring in. Investigations into Captain Mahama’s gruesome killing revealed many underlying facts about the case. Here are things you should know about the saddening incident.

1. Captain Mahama’s Killing: Suspects Arrested

The Ghana Armed Forces, as well as the Police immediately got busy with investigations following the gruesome killing of their own. So many suspects were arrested following the gruesome lynching of military officer Captain Mahama. The initial investigations on the incident saw to the arrest of five suspects. The five suspects were nabbed following interrogations of over 50 people apprehended by the Central Regional Police Command.

Lots of soldiers were deployed to Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region to investigate the issue and fish out possible culprits of the crime. This had led to a Pandemonium in the general area with people fleeing their homes and businesses to avoid perceived military intimidation.

Basic schools within Denkyira Obuasi were closed down. According to reports, the military invasion caused students to abandon schools, while most residents were reported to have vacated the town with their wards.

Captain Mahama’s killing: prime suspects arrested

The five suspects were sent to Police Regional Headquarters in Cape Coast for further questioning, to help identify other culprits. This had been revealed by the Public Relations Officer of the Central Region Police, ASP Irene Oppong.

2. Assemblyman Reportedly Masterminded Killing

Several sources have alleged that an assemblyman masterminded the killing of Captain Mahama. The man according to reports, was first alerted by Diaso residents, after which he organized the youth to beat the military officer to death. Upin hearing about the development, the police, and other armed forces immediately begun a search for the assemblyman who disappeared into thin air after the incident.

However, the assemblyman has been arrested and is in police custody. The assembly member, William Baah, reportedly turned himself into police in the Diaso area, near Denkyira-Obuasi, on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

3. Late Captain Mahama Protecting Galamseyers -Sources

Further investigations into Captain Mahama’s Killing saw allegations by some, against the soldier, over involvements with Chinese Galamseyers. Upper Denkyira West District Chief Executive, Daniel Appianing alleged that the army captain was part of a detachment that protected Chinese illegal small-scale miners.

However, An uncle of the military officer who was lynched said his nephew was part of a security team deployed to the town to fight illegal mining.

4. Late Captain Mahama Deployed to Diaso

The late military officer did not accidentally find himself in Diaso on that fateful day. Captain Maham was a member of the 5th Infantry Battalion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra who was deployed to serve at Diaso in the Central Region. The late captain was the Detachment Commander of military troops on operational duties in the general area.

Other information that came to light amid investigations, also included that the late Captain was about to be promoted to a Major, following some successful promotion examinations.

Captain Mahama's Killing
Late Captain Maxwell Mahama and Family

5. Family of Late Captain Mahama

Captain Maxwell Mahama was from a military lineage. He was the son of retired Army Officer Twumbi Mahama. The late soldier was also a grandson to Lt. Colonel H.W.M Bamford, who served as inspector general of police from 1924 to 1938. The deceased who was the only son of his mother was married with two children as seen in the photo above.