A Single Mother’s Woes! Why Caroline Sampson’s 6-yr-old Son is Asking for another Daddy

Y Fm radio broadcaster, Caroline Sampson’s six-year-old son, Jayden, has asked her mum to bring up another daddy to care for him. The little boy’s touching plea came after he experienced series of disappointments from his biological father.

Caroline Sampson made the heartbreaking disclosure while speaking on Yvonne Okoro’s Dining With Cooks & Braggarts TV Show. According to the Y Fm presenter, her relationship with her baby daddy went sour when she unexpectedly became pregnant.

Her man had then asked her to abort the pregnancy but she refused; a development that subsequently led to the end of their affair. Since then, it has been no care for herself and her growing son from her former heartthrob who according to Caroline does not even know their location of residence.

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Recounting their ordeals, the former Malaika delegate said not only herself, but her son Jayden has been witnessing his father’s disappointments which has got him fed up with him. She went ahead to narrate an incident which finally prompted her son to start considering having another daddy in his life.

It was Jayden’s birthday and Dad promised to show up, but he never did neither did he call later to explain.

“We called his Dad on his birthday, I mean, come on my son does not even know your number and so if he calls you, you know is the Mum. You tell him to dress up and wait for you and I’m like Ok so how is he gonna come because he doesn’t know where we live. This boy was there the whole day and you didn’t show up. This was in April and he up until now he never called his tablet because it was his tablet that he used to call not even my phone. So he said Mummy give me another Dad I don’t want this one anymore. That was heartbreaking.”

Continuing, Caroline Sampson explained that she and her son meet his Dad once in a while for a chat and he always promises to come and see him but never kept any of those promises.

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Jayden whom she described as a smart one has had enough of his daddy’s let-downs and have decided to move on without him in his life. Caroline further pointed out that her son’s attitude gave her much relief instead of making her upset.

“My son is a smart one and I’m not even upset that he doesn’t want him. I’m actually relieved.”

Speaking further, the former model said that since after her son’s birth, she has become the father of the house who goes out there to work for the family’s upkeep while her mum has been the mother of their home.