Catholic Conference Unaware Of Catholic Priest Impregnating 24-Year-Old Woman

The Catholic Bishop Conference has said it had no knowledge of the shocking discovery about a catholic priest allegedly impregnating a 24-year-old girl. This shocking revelation has caused a public outcry with many people pouring out their anger through the social media over the priest’s irresponsibility.

Isolating the church from the issue, Very Reverend Father Nicholas Afriyie, the General secretary of the National Catholic Secretariat said on Joy News, that he came close to knowing about the issue when his attention was drawn to publications on some online media platforms.

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However, Father Afriye said that the National Catholic Secretariat will move to conduct an investigation if an official complaint is duly lodged.

According to reports, the issue came to light when 24-year-old Josephine Ganyoame disclosed that Rev Njana had impregnated her and has refused to take care of ‘their’ eight months old baby. She then narrated how she met the priest in October 2014 after she was nearly knocked down by a car he was driving.

She said after the incident, the priest promised to support her education at the University. One thing then led to the other and they began having intercourse, which she consented to. She said they had sex three times in two weeks, which later resulted to her pregnancy.

Josephine Ganyoame said the priest opted for aborting the pregnancy but she declined. The baby was born and is eight months old now, but the priest who is questioning the child’s paternity has refused to cater for both mother and child.

However, she has filed a suit against the priest for neglecting his responsibilities of catering for her and the baby. She is praying the court to subject the catholic priest to a paternity test in order to establish he is the father of the child, as well as take responsibility for the child’s needs.

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Expressing his disappointment over the issue, Father Afriye said that it is a pity the priest could not commit to the celibacy “oath” of not indulging in sexual relations. Upholding the Catholic principles, he said that catholic priests go through some forms of training for 14 years which is meant to prepare them for the work ahead.

The said training is equally meant to test and prepare them for the challenges of living in celibabcy when there will be temptations all around. He said the priest apparently fell into temptation with the said young lady.