Caution Ken Agyapong – Mahama to Clergy

MP Agyapong’s recent unsavory comments against the EC Boss has finally gotten the President talking too! 

News of the slanderous statement made by the Assin North member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong has flown into the ears of the President, and he joins a host of others, to condemn the act.

Addressing members of the Clergy and the Business Community in the Ashanti Region on Thursday, charged the clergy to condemn the MP’s bad attitude and also call him to order.

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According to the President, careless and unruly statements by politicians, especially in an election year could turn out to be disastrous. He explained that unthoughtful comments such as the one made by MP Agyapong against Charlotte Ose could incite violence and terrorism in the country.

Pointing out to the Clergy men that they serve as the nation’s arbotrators, Maham told them that it is their duty to call them [the politicians] to order whenever they start misbehaving, considering the fact they are not active politicians. He further explained that since the Clergy are neutral, and never take sides with any political plarty, their judgements over any reckless act would hold water and also be hearkened to more than that of any other person okr group.

Continuing, President Maham said that if the Clergy and traditional rulers alike, fail to take the right stand in situations like this, then their moral authority stands to be questioned. He also reminded fellow politicians to take cognizance of the fact that they will some day leave their political positions behind, while the country remains. Hear the President:

Often when elections are coming up, the political rhetoric ratchets up, and very careless and unfortunate statements are made, like the one made recently that everybody is talking about. And when things happen like that and gets a bit hot, it is you the clergy and our traditional leaders who must come and call all the politicians to order.

Your role as arbiters means you must be independent and neutral because when the clergy takes sides, then we lose the moral authority to arbitrate. And so, it doesn’t matter if it’s NDC that is ratcheting up intemperate language, you must feel free to point it out to that party. It doesn’t matter if it is the NPP, we must call them to order. And it is only when we do that, that we can have the moral authority to be able to arbitrate in this political regime.

Ghana is bigger than any politician. And so sometimes when our heads get hot, it is your duty to call us to order and let us remember that Ghana will exist long after all of us are gone, he added.


Mr Kennedy Agyapong while warning the Electoral Commission to desist from acts of cheat in the upcoming election, accused Charlotte Osei, the Commission’s Chairperson of exchanging sex for her current position.

Several bodies and individuals have condemned MP Agyapong for such rutheless comments against the EC chair. Among them is the Minister of Gender and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, who demanded an apology from the MP, Foreign Affairs Minister, the PNC who urged Madam Osei to sue the MP, the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), and a host of others. Meanwhile, Agyapong has remained unremorseful over his statement. He even threatens to say more, should he be further provoked by critics.

This is however, not the first nor is it the second time Mr Knnedy Agyapong has been indicted for slander. He is before now, known for making nasty statements, especially against the female gender.