NOT ONLY IN GHANA! See What Happened at Chance The Rapper Concert in US

Something worse than what happened at the Adonko Aseda Bash in Kumasi, Ghana took place in Hartford, Connecticut, at a Hot Jam Concert headlined by American artist, Chance the Rapper.

Chance the Rapper was part of the lineup during Hot 93.7’s Hot Jam, with artists Kyle, PnB Rock and ANoyd also performing at the event that saw a crowd of about 21,000 in attendance.

The concert which came off at the Xfinity Theatre on the night of Friday, 21st July saw over 90 patrons hospitalized for excessive alcoholic dosage, and another 50 charged with underage drinking.

In a twitter message, Deputy Chief Brian Foley, one of the police officers on the scene revealed that the Hartford Police made over 50 underage drinking referrals on the event night.

Posting several images of tailgating at the concert ground, Mr. Foley warned parents about allowing their teens to be in environments that will excite them into engaging in the illegal act of underage drinking.

According him, “most patients were underage concertgoers who suffered severe alcohol intoxication”.

Also speaking to Hartford Courant, Officer Foley described the number as above average for one regular event night, saying that about 20-30 transports is what is usual for a typical concert. He said 60 would be very bad, had 70 once and 90 last night.

It was reported that most of the patrons’ aim was to get high before going in for the show, but they never considered what their bodies could take. It was in this bid that dozens of them, mostly teenagers had their senses knocked off through uncontrolled drinking.

The drunkards suffered different levels of intoxication, ranging from mild slurring and unsteadiness to total unconsciousness.

Manchester and New Britain, Fire Captain Raul Ortiz who also spoke to the media, narrated that Hartford’s ambulance provider had to seek extra help owing to the outrageous number of casualties, with some patients transported to hospitals in Farmington.

Captain Oritz said his department commander thinks the actual number of patients exceeded the number given by the police, considering the number of people brought to the hospitals that night.

Back in Ghana

Recall that the media was set abuzz following the boozing spree that took place at an annual music concert organised in April by the Angel Group of Companies, popularly known for their Adonko Bitters product.

It was really a sight to behold hours after the show as dozens of youths sprawled breathless and unconscious on the concert ground at Baba Yara Sports Stadium, as a result excessive alcoholic consumption.

Adonko Bitters show
Dozens of intoxicated youth littered on the ground hours after the show.

Just as various US authorities are condemning the Chance the Rapper Concert boozing, so the Adonko Bitters disgraceful drinking attracted massive public condemnation in Ghana. Click here to read full story.

According to Deputy Chief Brian Foley, those charged with underage drinking, most of whom were issued “promise to appear” summons, have been scheduled to appear in the Harthord Community Court on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.