Charlotte Osei Responds To Agyapong’s Sex-for-Job Claims on International Women’s Day; Her Words Will Empower You!

Charlotte Osei Responds on International Women’s Day, to Kennedy Agyapong’s sex-for-job claims. Here’s what she said…

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei has finally responded to erstwhile claims by Kennedy Agyapong, that she traded her body for her current position. The EC chair who has been silent over the issue, decided to open up during an interaction with Ghana’s Second Lady, Samira Bawumia at International Women’s Day edition of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

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Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong who is known for making controversial comments had told NPP supporters at Asokwa, a suburb in Kumasi, that the EC boss offered her body in exchange for her position. The statement which was made sometime last year during the electioneering had sparked an uproar, with massive mixed reactions over the issue.

Charlotte Osei Responds
Charlotte Osei Responds to ken Agyapong’s sex-for-job claims

As expected, Ken Agyapong’s comments had triggered massive criticisms, especially from fellow politicians, rights and gender activities. The EC boss had come under severe pressure from her fans, who wanted her to sue Agyapong for the comments deemed sexist and defamatory.

But the EC boss finally responded to the comments on International Women’s Day -a day set aside for celebrating women. Samira Bawumia, wife of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia on Wednesday, was the host of the Super Morning Show. The Second Lady of the country hosted the special edition of the Super Morning Show as part of activities to mark the International Women’s Day.

During the programme, Samira Bawumia had inquired from the EC Boss, how she felt about the sex-for-job comments. Charlotte Osei responds, saying that the comments didn’t bother her, but rather motivated her to do better in her job.

It was International Women’s Day and Madam Osei wanted to use the opportunity to spread the awareness for women empowerment using her experience. She said that in order not to be intimidated, men generally tend to prevent women from coming into their space.

For this reason she continued, once a woman is given the opportunity to be like them, they do all they can to bring her down. She called on women to be wary of such men who tend to make women feel less of themselves.

“Once you recognize that, then you recognize those comments for the distractions that they are and you just focus on doing what you have been called to do and to do an excellent job,” she said.

The EC boss continued by explaining how she looks up to God for direction and guidance. She pointed out that she has submitted her will to God who always directs her path.

On Gender Disparity

The EC boss also decried the alarming rate of gender disparity especially in the African society, where women are challenged with cultural and workplace practices that work against their progress. Having let all that out, Charlotte Osei called on women to be bold and brave.

She encouraged women to toughen up, so as not to be intimidated by men, just like Kennedy Ayapong tried to intimidate her. She also asked women to be diligent with their work, and also improve themselves by gaining more knowledge and skills. This according to her, will help them to be prepared to deliver and also give off their very best at all times.

Talking about failure, she explained that it is a necessary part of life, and therefore should not be taken with so much negativity. Madam Osei advised women to acknowledge that they cannot excel at everything they do. She explained that failure should be seen as an opportunity to become better. The EC boss encouraged women not be so hard on themselves when they fail at a particular thing but rather work to become better.