Chinese Galamsey Operators: China to Help Ghana Stop Illegal Mining

Mr Amewu during the meeting literally begged China to help in the fight against Chinese galamsey operators who are contributing to the destruction of Ghana’s environment through illegal mining.

The Chinese government has pledged its support to Ghana to help in the fight against illegal mining popularly known as ‘galamsey,’ involving some of its nationals. A delegation from the Chinese Embassy made this known when they spoke to the Lands Minister, John Peter Amewu, during a meeting.

Some four men who are nationals of the Asian country, alongside four Ghanaians; were nabbed by the Ghanaian police, having been caught mining illegally on River Ankobra, Nzema East Municipality on March 25.

Over the years, the Ghanaian government has been making efforts to curb the practice of illegal gold mining in the country. The menace of illegal mining in Ghana cannot be reported without the inclusion of the Chinese. There is always the existence of Chinese Galamsey operators in most cases of illegal mining. These individuals are said to operate through the help of cabals nationally and internationally, who aid their illicit activities.

Hundreds of Chinese galamsey operators have been rounded up for their involvement in illegal mining; an act which pollute the country’s water bodies.

Amewu’s Meeting With Chinese Delegates 

This recurring issue which has become a threat to the county’s environmental security, prompted the setting up of an emergency meeting by the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu, with Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, and the Mayor of China’s Guangxi Zhuang Province. The meeting which was held on Monday was set up to provide a platform where possible measures on how to deal with the menace, can be discussed.

John Peter Amewu
John Peter Amewu

Mr Amewu during the meeting, literally begged China to help in the fight against Chinese galamsey operators, who are contributing to the destruction of its environment through illegal mining. Mr. Amewu described the recent arrests as encouraging, and called for more significant moves on the part of the government.

“…Help us address the issue of illicit mining… The people here are your people. You speak the same language with them and they understand you better. So let us begin the fight.”

The Chinese he said, are welcome to work with Ghana under the right circumstances. Ghana’s laws are clear on illegal mining, and also restricts foreigners from engaging in the licensed small scale mining activity. This he emphasized, is why Ghana’s government has appealed to the Chinese to go through the necessary protocols involved in mining to avoid the looming consequences of the illicit act.

These necessary protocols if observed, will help ensure mining in Ghana is done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. The delegates during the meeting promised to help in the fight against illegal mining.

Dreadful Galamsey Consequences Looming for Ghana

Officials of the Ghana Water Company have warned that the country risks importing water for consumption unless illegal mining activities stop. Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), warned that Ghana might soon import drinking water from neighboring countries if government does nothing to curb illegal mining.

Ghana has been on the receiving end of untold damages caused by the practice of Galamsey which has become a source of livelihood for persons living around mining communities. Illegal mining if not curbed might end up seeing to the fulfillment of the water scarcity prediction and other looming damages, by the EPA.