What!!! Boss Makes It Mandatory for Female Workers to Line Up and Kiss Him Every Morning [Watch Video]

With this occurrence, one can’t help but ask what the world is turning into! According to a story from OddityCentral, a Chinese Boss has established a very bizarre rule in his company which makes it compulsory for all his female staff to line up every morning and exchange kisses with him before resuming their daily duties.

The male boss of a company in Beijing, China, has recently come under fire for forcing female workers to line up and give him a kiss every morning. This he claimed, enhances the corporate culture and improves relations between manager and employees.

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Women working at the company which sells home brewery machinery, in Tongzhou District, Beijing, are required to line up between 9:00 and 9:30 each morning to kiss their boss. And we’re not talking about a swift peck on the cheek, although that would be pretty weird as well, but a full-fledged kiss on the lips!

China Press reports that while the women were initially reluctant to accept the bizarre daily ritual, they eventually gave in to the boss’ demands in order to keep their jobs. Only two of the company’s female workers refused to kiss their boss on the mouth and chose to resign instead. According to Chinese media reports, over half the company’s staff are women.

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Following intensified pressure from both the media and the general public, the boss explained that he picked up the idea for the daily morning kiss while visiting a company in the United States, claiming that the disgusting daily ceremony helps “foster good relationships among colleagues”.

Explaining further, he said that the act allows him and his female staff to get along “like fish and water”. In addition, he stated that some of his women worker genuinely miss him when he is away, and send him messages on WeChat.

Nevertheless, these explanations never satisfied millions of social media users who have continued to blast the Chinese Boss for this strange practice.

If you were a staff of this company, and the pay is really handsome; what would you have done? Resign? r kiss the boss???