Choirul Huda: How Veteran Indonesian Goalie Got Killed in Horrific Match Collision

Choirul Huda, a 38-year-old Indonesian goalkeeper has lost his life following a dangerous collision with a teammate during a Go-Jek Traveloka league match between Huda’s club, Lamongan Football Club (aka Persela) and Semen Padang on Sunday, October 15.

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After the fatal collision, Huda was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead shortly after arriving, with the doctor suggesting he may have suffered a head and neck trauma from the heavy impact on his chest and lower jaw which caused him to stop breathing, leading to a heart attack.

How it Happened

Choirul Huda had rushed off his goal line in the 43rd minute of Sunday’s game at Surajaya Stadium to shield an attack, but ended up colliding with defender Ramon Rodrigues.

According to Persela’s media officer, Rodrigues’ knee hit Huda’s chest in the accident, leaving the longtime goalkeeper stunned on the pitch. Injured Hudo had painfully clutched his face immediately after the traumatic impact and also complained of chest pain before loosing consciousness.

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Medical team quickly stretchered him off the turf, and after a futile effort to revive him, rushed him off to the Soegiri Hospital in Lamongan.  The match had continued, with Persela beating Semen Padang 2-0.

The unconscious player was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit where he was given breathing assistance and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, with the attending doctor initially confirming that he suffered “impacts on the chest and lower jaw.

But shortly after, Huda was pronounced dead, with the doctor adding that “initial analysis” suggested a possibility of head and neck trauma which resulted to a seizure of his breath and a cardiac arrest.

Local media reports revealed that thousands of fans later thronged the home of the late goalkeeper to pay tribute to him in a candlelit vigil. Persela also expressed their appreciation to the fallen hero via the club’s official Instagram page. The IG post reads:

“Thank you for your constant dedication. Thank you for the inspiration you gave to Persela, Lamongan and Indonesian football.”

About Choirul Huda

Choirul Huda is a regular and celebrated goal keeper of the Indonesian football team and Indonesian East Java club, Persela FC.

The legendary Indonesian goalie who was currently the club’s captain, joined Persela in 1999 and had since made more than 500 appearances for the club. He was also capped three times for the Indonesia national team from 2014.

Huda was known as a very loyal player. Persela FC was his one and only club throughout his football career, earning him the passionate nickname, “One Man, One Club, One Love”.

Left to mourn him are his wife and two children. May his soul rest in Peace.