Closure At Last? CHRAJ Clears Mahama Of Bribery in Ford Gift Controversy; See Reactions

CHRAJ clears Mahama, stating it does not find him guilty of bribery and conflict of interest.

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), has cleared President John Mahama over bribery allegation against him in the Ford vehicle gift saga.

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Since a Joy News journalist revealed that Mahama received a Ford Expedition car worth about $100,000 in 2012; as a gift from a Burkinabe contractor, Djibril Kanzoe, the President has come under severe criticisms. Mahama’s critics believe the gift was a form of bribe to the President to influence him into giving out juicy contracts to the contractor. [Get The Full Story Here]

Following the massive agitations and criticisms against the President, a case was filed by the youth wing of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) against Mahama at CHRAJ, demanding a probe into the issue. The President who was on the verge of impeachment, was among other things, was accused by his critics of bribery and conflict.

But in its final response, CHRAJ clears Mahama, stating it does not find him guilty of bribery and conflict of interest. The commission, however, stated that the President breached the gift policy when he accepted the car gift. CHRAJ said the gift in question formed part of gifts, prohibited under the Gift Policy under the Code of Conduct. It also stated that even though the Mahama subsequently surrendered the gift to the State, the action nonetheless contravened the gift policy.

CHRAJ has also said it has evidence showing that Mahama submitted the Ford Expedition gift from the Burkinabe contractor to the State. The Commission also established the President was not culpable of conflict of interest, bribery or fraud in relation to the manner in which the vehicle was given to him.

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The incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) who are obviously delighted with CHRAJ’s conclusion, have expressed their satisfaction with the commission’s statement.

Campaign Coordinator for the NDC 2016 election campaign, Kofi Adams, has said that the commission’s report has indeed vindicated the party’s long-held position, and has also shamed Mahama’s critics. According to him, as CHRAJ clears Mahama, the President’s critics have been shamed, as well as exposed for trying to ruin his image all the while.

Closure at last? One cannot be absolutely certain, but one clear fact we can deduce from this is that; the long-lasting drama regarding the Mahama’s controversial gift, is in its fleeting days.