Richard Quest in Nigeria: Heroic Welcome Given to Homosexual CNN Reporter in the Anti-Gay Country Sparks Controversy

Richard Quest in Nigeria: The CNN reporter is in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to film his hit show for a week…

CNN reporter Richard Quest is in Nigeria for his popular show “Quest Means Business”. The International anchor is in the country to conduct and film some interviews for his popular program. Mr. Quest who will be spending a week in Nigeria, is in the country to shoot how easy it is to do business in Nigeria and also the challenges.

The CNN anchor was giving a rousing welcome at the Murtala Mohammed international airport Lagos, upon his arrival.  Nigerians gave the reporter a hero’s welcome, with uncountable tweets on his arrival trending on social media.

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Richard Quest in Nigeria

For those who do not know, Richard Quest is proudly gay and supports the growing LGBT community in first world countries. This has stirred a little controversy in the country regarding the rationale behind Nigeria’s acceptance of an open homosexual, despite the country’s stand on the act.

In Nigeria at the moment, a 14-years penalty awaits anyone found guilty of the act of homosexuality. Not just the legal implications, the mere thought or discussion on gay activities is greeted with so much disdain by the people who have continued to push for a constant reinforcement of the law.

This is why people in the likes of popular gay rights activist Bisi Alimi, have bemoaned Nigeria’s acceptance of the reporter despite the fact that he is gay.

The UK based Nigerian gay activist wonders aloud, why the same people who detest the act of homosexuality openly celebrate a gay man who is in the country. Bisi Alimi has expressed displeasure at how he gets discriminatory comments and threats from Nigerians for being gay but Richard Quest who is currently in Nigeria was being celebrated.

He described the act as hypocritical considering how Nigerians either abuse or see to the expulsion of their own citizens who are gay.

Nigerians React 

As expected, Nigerians have reacted to Bisi Alimi’s condemnation of their supposed hypocritical celebration of gay reporter Richard Quest’s visit to the country. While some saw reasons with the gay activist, a large section of Nigerians have clapped back at him with some very valid points.

To state clear the facts; although Richard Quest is gay, he is not in Nigeria to promote homosexuality or gay rights, but rather for business purposes. The aforementioned fact has been the only justification among Nigerians; for the heroic acceptance of the “white gay man”.

Meanwhile, Richard Quest is super busy in the once giant of Africa touring the city of Lagos and exploring different parts of the city. The talented journalist has been on several radio and TV interviews where crucial issues about the country’s economy have been discussed.

Richard Quest in Nigeria: reporter live in Nigeria Info 99.3FM

Mr Quest has visited the popular Nike Art gallery where Nigeria’s cultural heritage and art are aesthetically displayed.

Richard Quest in Nigeria: at Nike Art Gallery

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