Comedians Aki And Pawpaw Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

You cannot know Nollywood and not know the funny little men that make Nollywood comedy worth spending money over. Aki and Pawpaw are the two shortest men in Nigeria’s movie industry. They may be the shortest but they are definitely some of the smartest, most talented and most sought after actors in the industry.

Before the era of Aki and Pawpaw, comedy in Hollywood was a joke that was not funny at all. They stormed the industry and changed the story with their very hilarious movies enjoyed by both the young and old at large.

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Aki whose real name is Chinedu Ikedieze and Pawpaw whose given name is Osita Iheme recently revealed their most embarrassing moments. The little sized duo described how they were embarrassed by Italian policemen who mistook them for minors.

They said:

“Apart from mistaking us for minors, the Italian police had threatened to arrest our promoter for not using baby carrier for us in the car.”

The funny incident took place in Italy. They had arrived Italy with popular Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu for a show. Haven been picked up by their promoter at the airport and proceeding to the hotel, they were stopped by policemen at a check point. Subsequently they had to show their Nigerian passports before the policemen could believe they were actually adults who appeared as minors.

“I still remember that day and the feeling vividly” said Chinedu (Aki) who also added that since then, Julius Agwu has been using the incident as joke in some events. Now that’s what I call a joke.