‘Bridget Was such a Lovely Lady’ – AMG Boss Waddle Tells how he Met the Murdered Video Model

The interviewer also asked how Criss waddle met the murdered Bridget Shiel, which he explained saying he met her through a modelling agency, when he was about shooting his Bie Gya video.

Arab Money Gang (AMG) family continues to mourn 19-year-old murdered Bridget Shiel who was shot dead and left naked in a park. She was a US video model who featured in Criss waddle’s Bie Gya video shot in Atlanta USA. The AMG boss said he was so heartbroken upon hearing how Bridget was shot, and that what even pained him more was the fact that she was left naked.

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Waddle during an interview with Hitz Fm explained his relationship with late Bridget. The interviewer also asked how Criss Waddle met the murdered video model Bridget Shiel. Replying, he explained he met her through a modelling agency, when he was about shooting his Bie Gya video. 

“I was in Atlanta and at Atlanta if you want models for your videos, you have to contact an agency and that’s how it’s done over there. So the agency sent me 100 beautiful ladies and I chose Bridget among other ladies,” he said 

Murdered Bridget Shiel
Late Bridget Shiel

The Bie Gya singer said they both became good friends after they shot the video. He described Bridget as a lovely lady one would always love to hang around with. Waddle expressed so much grief during the interview, and sad at the fact that she was left naked and in a public place.

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The Atlanta Police are still investigating the death of the 19-year-old Bie Gya video model, Bridget Shiel who was killed and dumped at a park in Southwest Atlanta. Her body was found completely nude and riddled with bullets which the police have identified to be ‘Radically Invasive Projectiles’ also known as RIP bullets.

The news was first made public by the AMG boss via a social media post. Speaking to Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez, a homicide detective said nobody has a clue of what must have led to her murder.