You Have To See Criss Waddle’s Incredible Reaction To Shatta’s Womaame TW33 Song

Shatta’s Womaame TW33 has left every one perturbed and in a critic’s mood. Shatta released the song recently and it has drawn the attention of the public to the supposed beef between Shatta Wale and some other public figures.

Shatta’s Womaame TW33 which means “your mother’s v*gina” was released over the weekend. The Kakai hit maker has been backlashed by the general public for being too vulgar.

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But then it seems the supposed beef between Shatta and Criss Waddle has not been forgotten by the latter’s fans.

Waddle’s AMG fans are reportedly alleging that the ‘vulgar’ song was directed at their boss. This has caused AMG fans to roar against the song causing Criss Waddle to post a message which has caught our attention. Considering the just ended ‘bie gya’ saga, Waddles fans are alleging that Shatta’s Womaame TW33 was directed towards him. Waddle took to facebook to appeal to his fans not to blow things out of proportion. Appealing for peace, The AMG boss urged people not to assume the song was about him.

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In a Facebook post, Criss Waddle said “on my knees please AMG fans there is no official dissing song towards us from OPANA so stop the assumption, disrespect and insults. Let’s not create war when there isn’t one unless for real there is one, then….I’m in Ghana now though #AMGBUSiNESS #GLORY’’.

While some are insinuating the song was for the “bie gya” singer , others are speculating it might be for the organizers of the VGMAs who boycotted him from the show. Then again, Shatta probably released the song for nobody. As for, we are hoping this is just one of those celebrity stunts.