‘I Still Love Criss Waddle’ – Jilted Suicide Girl Tells Her Side Of The Story

Criss Waddle’s jilted suicide girl; Mary, has indicated she has fallen deeply in love with the rapper, and will continue to do so even if it is not reciprocated.

The bizarre but touching story of the girl who attempted suicide after being jilted by Ghanaian rapper, Criss Waddle, continues as the girl in question continues to profess her undying love for the rapper.

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Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

An 18-year old Senior High School (SHS) graduate identified as Mary Obeng, reportedly attempted committing suicide after being jilted by the ‘bie gya’ hit maker. Mary, a resident of Tech, a suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis earlier said she met the rapper on Instagram, and they both became friends from there.

According to reports, despite Waddle’s warnings to her that she was not matured enough to date him, she played along, and the two got laid on several occasions. Now it happened that in one of her visits to the rapper, the two took pictures together, which Criss Waddle posted on his social media page.

Girl attempted suicide
Mary Obeng attempted suicide

This had attracted tons of backlashes on the young girl, leading to her attempting to take her own life with a knife, because she couldn’t bear the insults.

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On to Criss Waddle’s side of the story, he admitted meeting Mary but denied being in any a relationship with her. Waddle in an interview, said Mary had demanded to take pictures with him, but he declined at first because he was not willing to vouch for her credibility.

But after much persistence from the girl he, yielded to her demand. The Arab Money Gang (AMG) boss then explained that he asked the girl if she was okay with him posting the pictures on his social media page, which she consented to.

The photos attracted insults from different angles, against the 18-year old, most of which indicated she was promiscuous. This was when Criss Waddle had to isolate himself from the so-called relationship.

But speaking on Ultimate FM’s Drive, Criss Waddle’s jilted suicide girl maintains they were in a relationship. Professing her undying love for the AMG boss; she said she will not blame Criss Waddle for her broken heart, because he only listened to hear-say thus, ending their love affair.

Mary has also apologised to the public for her actions. She has also pleaded with the public to stop sending condolence messages to her family, because she is still alive.