Customers Promise To Beat Up ECG workers Over Extremely High ECG Tariffs

Angry ECG subscribers may resort to beating up their workers. The high ECG tariffs have led to so many agitations among prepaid subscribers. Some residents of Kwaebibirem District of the Eastern Region are threatening to beat up ECG workers in their area if nothing is done about the ridiculously high tariffs imposed on them.

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The residents embarked on a protest march to the District Assembly office on Thursday demanding a reduction in the high ECG tariffs. During the protest, they lamented on how their various businesses are collapsing as a result of the high tariffs. The residents however, are threatening to take a drastic move to get their pleas heard.

The protesters gathered at the assembly to present a petition to the District Chief Executive (DCE). According to reports, the DCE refused to receive the document. Some of the protesters came along with their bills lamenting it has affected their livelihoods. Some of the bills ranged from GHC3, 000 to GHC5, 000, which is indeed high.

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The protesters also fumed at how unstable the tariffs are, saying it increases by the month. Giving an instance, one of the protesters said that his bill for the month of April had increased from GHC3,500 to GHC4,500, and again to GHc5,500.

Also, another major reason for the protests is that most of the agitating residents have small businesses an appliances that do not warrant the extremely high tariffs they are made to pay. They demanded that the ECG reduced the electricity tariff, because it has become more expensive than what they pay for rent. Having waited for so long for a change in the system, the agitating residents threatened they would beat up the workers of the ECG, if nothing is done.

High utility tariffs has been a very disturbing issue to Ghanaians in recent times. In a bid to make government reduce the extremely high tariffs, there had been a nationwide demonstration across the country with many workers unions included. But, it appears the issue has not been tackled. As for Kwaebibirem ECG customers, they are demanding an immediate change.