Danquah’s Murder: Sandal of Fleeing Assailant Found

As investigations on the murder of Abuakwa North MP, Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu is in progress, a sandal of the assailant who is suspected to have stabbed him to death has been found.

According to observations, it is believed that the anonymous assassin who was fleeing the scene of the murder which was committed upstairs, hopped out of the house leaving one of his sandals behind. He jumped off a polytank close to the wall behind the Shiashie home of the slain politician when the sandal fell off. This was reported on Joy FM’s Top Story by Abuakwa South MP Samuel Atta Akyea. According to him, the blood stained footprints on the wall can be spotted, tracing the assailants escape as security men stood helplessly during the attack.

Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu was stabbed first in the rib while he slept in bed, his brother George Twum Barimah told Atta Akyea. After some moments of resistance a second stab in the abdomen sealed his fate.

Atta Akyea, a close friend of the deceased politician criticized the security detail at JB Danquah’s residence for being slack in their duty.

According to him, the security man saw a ladder stretched across the wall in front of the house at least an hour before the politician returned home Tuesday dawn. Mr Danquah entered his home and went to his bedroom upstairs while his family were downstairs sleeping.

Atta Akyea said the security men while making their nightly rounds noticed shady movements in the politician’s bedroom. The suspected assailant moved a curtain and closed the window. But the security men were so frightened that they made no attempt to close in on the attacker, Atta Akyea continued. Although they called in the police, no further attempt was made while the security officers were yet to come to help.

Danquah residence
The ladder was used to climb upstairs into the politician’s bedroom

They were not wise enough to surround the building…so the guy knowing that they were standing in front of the house, tactically fled through the back.”

In his haste, the assailant jumped outside the back wall and fled. The Police were called in after 1:30am. S at the time, JB Danquah was already in his own pool of blood, dead.

Atta Akyea who says the murder has signs of a contract killing said:

The assailant “timed him well [and] came for him,” and was given instructions to “go do this singular thing and finish this man off.”

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