The Unbelievable Happens As Second Suspected Murderer of JB Danquah Commits Another Crime In Custody!

Danquah’s second suspected murderer denied stealing the money, saying it was one of the police officers who gave it to him

It has been gathered that the second accused person in the JB Danquah Adu murder case trial, stole some amount of money at the police station where is in custody. The incident took place on Wednesday. According to the police officers who escorted the two accused persons to court, Vincent Bosso took the money from the counter of the police station when he was being brought to court.

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According to reports, the money was last seen on the counter of the charge office of the police station where it went missing this morning. A thorough search had commenced within the premises of the court during court recess. It was during the period of the search that the missing GHC 2o was found in Vincent’s pocket wrapped in a white paper.

When the police had found the money in his pocket, Danquah’s second suspected murderer denied stealing the money saying it was one of the police officers who gave it to him.

Vincent was charged with conspiracy to commit murder last week, as he was alleged to have aided Daniel Asiedu (Danquah’s alleged killer) to murder late JB Danquah. Also he reportedly confessed to helping Asiedu gain access into the building.

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But in a recent development, the state today reportedly dropped the charges of conspiracy to commit murder brought  against Vincent Bosso during his first appearance in court and have replaced it with murder.

According to some sources, it was revealed during trial that Vincent assisted Daniel Asiedu during the murder but absconded when he sensed danger.

On February 9, JB Danquah was found dead in a pool of his own blood. He was repeatedly stabbed after a fight ensued between him and the burglar (said to be Daniel Asiedu).