You Must See This! 25 Photos that Tell Stories of Woe as Deadly Floods Hit Accra Once Again

It appears from all indications, that nothing meaningful has been done to stop or at least control the annual deadly Accra floods.

Despite the gruesome flood tragedy that struck the country last year, Ghana appears to have done nothing tangible to curb the heavy floods that hit the country’s capital on a yearly basis.

Despite all the promises of the government to intervene in the situation, everything seems to be just the way it has been. Citizens are only left to hope and pray that another national disaster does not spark off from the usual deadly Accra floods, as the factors that could facilitate it are all in place.

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After Thursday’s torrential rains, Ghana the capital city of Accra and its suburbs were once again plunged into a pathetic flooding experience.

Commuters and other road users at the moment of the incident were put in great jeopardy as water levels rose to an alarming height, submerging vehicles and people of small stature.

Like chicks left outside their mother’s safe wings at the appearance of a hawk, school children became hysterical as they were exposed to life threatening danger by the deadly Accra floods.

People in their homes were not left out either as the floods came to them, even though they didn’t go to him. Some hitherto shaky houses were pulled down and destroyed by the waters, leaving the residents displaced.

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In fact, it was all tales of woe during and after the most recent flood that hit Accra. So far, a two year-old child was swept away by the flood while there are several other reports of loss and destruction of valuable properties.

Below are photos that tell the story better:


Road users seemed the worst hit – passengers and pedestrians alike!

accra-flood1Accra-floods2 (1)

The road beneath the Circle bridge was submerged and vehicles coming from Ring Road sought ‘partial’ safety on any available high ground.


Drivers and passengers were forced to mount the top of vehicles in the run for safety.


Many streets and roads were rendered completely unusable by the flood waters with every vehicle almost submerged.


Good Samaritans, mostly in form of tall men gave in their best as rescue operation personnel


This group were stuck in the deadly floods with their anchor and hope clinging only on nearby shrubs

accra-floods (1)

Offices and residents almost submerged

floods9deadly accra floods

One of the homes destroyed by the rain

Ghanains are still calling upon the government to put in their best in the fight against this menace instead of running helter-skelter to provide relief materials and condolences at the strike of the tragedy that is obviously looming.

However, residents are advised to do everything within their powers to curb the floods. These include, desisting from the unhygienic habit of emptying refuse into drains, carrying out proper sanitation exercise at regular intervals, keeping their children safe at any sign of coming rains and other innumerable safety measures.