Defiled 9-year-Old: Girl Raped Till Intestines Pop Out In Central Region

Defiled 9-year-old -More bizarre things continue to happen in the world we live in.

These heartless rapists continue to get the best of young and vulnerable girls across the country. A 9-year-old was gruesomely raped by a man in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem District in the Central Region and was left to die after her intestines surged.

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The act which happened about two months ago caused the girl’s vulva to swell so much as a result of the excessive and forceful thrusting.

The defiled 9-year-old is currently receiving treatment at the Central Regional Hospital. For her medical bills, some female police officers, as well as some senior officers, made contributions which have been used so far to foot the bills at the hospital.

Suspect Granted Bail

On to another painful part of the story. The suspect said to be in his 30’s, who was arrested and arraigned in a court was later granted bail after he appeared in court Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

What makes it even more devastating is that the bail conditions are not yet known and the girl who is still undergoing medical treatment, has not been relocated. She has remained in the same community where the suspect has returned to.

Defilement Cases In Central Region

The prevailing rate of child sexual molestation in the Central Region has become so alarming. The Central regional Police command has expressed concerns over the increasing number of defilement cases in the region.

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A few days ago information was rife on the defilement of a 4-year-old Jessica at Assin Adadientem in the Central region. The girl was defiled by an 18-year-old who lured her into a secluded place and forced himself on her.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the command, ASP Irene Oppong by the second quarter of the year, it had recorded some 114 cases of defilement. ASP Oppong adds that in 2015, 212 cases had been reported in the same period while in 2016, 190 cases had been recorded.

While these are the reported cases, there are other ones which are not recorded. The defilement figures from the region give two indications.

It indicates that crime is on the increase and also educational messages against the rape and defilement are not getting to the possible victims as they should.