New Obuasi: The Cleansing and Renaming of “Killer” Denkyira-Obuasi in 5 Strategic Events

Now popular as the notorious killer town, once you mention Denkyira-Obuasi, every mind flashes to the lynching of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama!

Since after Monday, the 29th of May, 2017, Denkyira-Obuasi, has been known for the worst reasons. The small town in the Central-Western Region of Ghana has been stinking to the ears and abhorred by all heart and soul for cruelly and barbarically snuffing life out of one of the most promising soldiers of their fatherland Ghana, for ‘yet-to-be-truly-unraveled’ reasons.

In fact, since the killing of then Captain, and now Major Maxwell Mahama, Denkyira-Obuasi has become nothing but an anathema. That’s the label the “lynchers” who could best be described as reprobates have given the town, and the natives know that too well.

However, unlike the biblical Cain, who refused to make amends for his sins, the “good” people of Denkyira-Obuasi have been mourning their bad condition.

The leaders and people of the town has therefore embarked on a series life-changing activities in order to wash away the sins of the land, and assume a new lease of life after killing the”saviour” sent to protect their land. Prominent among such activities are:

1. Mourning and 2. Purification

Few days after the gruesome killing of Maxwell Mahama, chiefs of Denkyira-Obuasi Traditional Councilorganised a mourning ceremony and purification ritual to cleanse the land as well as appease her gods over the evil deed.

The intense mourning was held on Sunday, 4th June, while the purification and pacification rites were performed the following day, Monday, June 5. The mourning ceremony saw women and children wail uncontrollably as Chiefs performed purification rites.

All clad in funeral cloths and led by the Akyeamehene for Denkyira Traditional Council, Nana Akomea Ntiriakwa, a sheep and a fowl were slaughtered by the chiefs as a sacrifice to the gods to forestall any possible curse on the land.

3. Fasting and Prayers

A three-day fasting and prayer was reportedly organised by the traditional authority of Denkyira-Obuasi. According to the Acting President of the Denkyira-Obuasi Traditional Area, Nana Agyei Nkyireye II, the exercise was a medium through which the town asked for forgiveness from both God and the entire Ghanaians for their evil deed.

Nana Agyei Nkyireye II said the community has regretted their actions, and there will never be a repeat of such in the future.

Prior to the 3-day fast declared by the traditional authority of the town, Francis Yeji, who doubles as a Ghana Health Service worker and pastor at Fountain Gate Ministries, organised a three-day fasting at Denkyira-Obuasi from Thursday June 29 to Saturday July 1, 2017.

According to Pastor Yeji, he received the directive from God in a vision, citing 2Chronicles 7:14 which states that “God has always and would show the people mercy and heal the land if they seek His face in fasting and prayer “.

The repentance and revitalizing programme was attended by  the local council of churches, the Paramount Chief, leaders and hundreds of residents. It was from that moment that the people started harbouring the desire to change the name of their town.

4. Town Renamed New Obuasi

As part of the measures to restore the dignity of the land, the Denkyira-Obuasi Traditional Council through its acting president, announced that the town will henceforth be known as New Obuasi.

The official announcement was made during the visit of President Nana Addo to the town on Monday, 7th August, 2017.

New Obuasi is actually the former name of the town. The traditional council therefore seized the opportunity to go back to what they were previously known for.

5. Nana Addo’s Visit

The President of The Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on 7th August visited Denkyira-Obuasi, as part of his 3-day Western region Tour.

After an outright condemnation of Major Mahama’s murder, the President allayed the fears of the residents, making it clear that his government will not deprive them of their lot in national development. He rather assured them that the perpetrators of the atricity will be properly dealt with according to the law.

President Nana Addo pays respect to Late Maxwell Mahama at lynching site in Denkyira-Obuasi

To crown his visit, President Akufo-Addo drove down to the scene of Mahama’s murder where he and his entourage spent some minutes of silence as a form of respect for the slain army officer.

This presidential gesture brought a great sense of relief to the people of Denkyira-Obuasi who all appeared in mourning attire during the visit, as it stamped the re-acceptance of the community by the country.