Deputy Agric Minister: A Look At Circumstances that Led to Quaitoo’s Resignation

It wouldn’t be wrong to call him the former Deputy Agric Minister. William Quaitoo has resigned for what many have described as ethnocentric comments about people from the three regions of the North.

The Deputy Agriculture Minister was reported to have said in an interview that northern farmers could not be trusted in their assessment of damage from armyworms.

This comment attracted lots of negative attention on the politician, with many aggrieved Ghanaians attacking him for the discriminatory comments.


The backlash had gotten so intense that the Deputy Agric Minister subsequently apologized for his comments in a statement, where he said he meant to imply that “some farmers can be difficult as it is with all regions.” However, his apologies and explanations were not heeded.

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The aggrieved Minority in Parliament called for either his resignation or his immediate dismissal from the government for the disparaging comments.

A. B. A Fuseini, one of the minority said he would not accept the apology as he felt the damage from the Mr. Quaitoo’s “repulsive” comments had already been done to millions of northerners. This went for many others whose opinion formed the basis on which he resigned.

Many had opined that mere apology was not enough. A presidential staffer, Clara Napaga Tia Sulemana, stating that a mere apology would not be enough.

Ms. Suleman, a Dagomba, described the comments as painful and rebuked him for making the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) look bad in Northern Ghana.

I Resigned to Ensure Peace – William Quaitoo

And so amid the massive backlash, Mr. Quaitoo who couldn’t bear the massive attack had to resign. President Nana Akufo-Addo accepted Quaitoo’s resignation from office on Tuesday, July 29 according to the Presidency’s Director of Communications, Eugine Arhin.

The resigned Deputy Agric Minister William Quaitoo says he left the post in order to bring peace among those offended by his comments. In a farewell message signed by the minister thanked all his party members and hoped for a continued cordial relationship in the house.

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I resigned to bring peace among all those who were offended and to save the President and the entire party from further rancor and disaffection.

The Minority in Parliament which demanded that President Akufo-Addo sacks deputy Agriculture minister William Quaitoo over his tribal comment has welcomed his resignation.