Very Touching…See This Faithful Dog Who has REFUSED to Leave Hospital Where Owner Died 8 Months Ago

A heart-warming story of a loyal dog who has simply refused to leave the premises of the Ruth Cardoso hospital where its owner died about eight months ago. The faithful dog refuses to go his way after his owner died of Sespis, an infectious disease which brought him to the hospital in the company of his black and white dog named Negão.

The man who was said to be homeless was brought in an ambulance to the Ruth Cardoso Hospital in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Medical staff reported that Negão ran alongside the ambulance all the way to the hospital, watched his favorite human as he was carried inside for treatments. Unfortunately, the man never survived the ailment.

Ever since, the faithful dog refuses to leave the hospital. He has rather continued to patiently wait outside for his master’s return which will never happen.

Negao wanders the hospital premises, awaiting his master’s return

Unfortunately for Negão, there’s no way he could understand the fact that his owner is dead and won’t come to meet him any more – so, he has continued to sit, wander, and wait outside the hospital premises. It was also reported that every time the dog sees the hospital ambulance that once conveyed his master, he’ll run forwards with perked-up ears to see if it is carrying his master, as it did months ago.

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One of the hospital staff confessed that although they’ve had similar cases of dogs lingering around the hospital after losing owners, they have never had a case of a dog waiting for so long with such high hopes. He went further to explain that, two families had attempted adopting him but, in both instances Negão escaped and returned to the hospital.


The hospital out of sympathy, have decided to accept Negão’s presence in the premises. They have also decided to care and provide for him till he finally decides to leave.