Dumsor Might Return In 2 Weeks Time – Power Minsitry

Though it is not certain, the much dreaded dumsor might not have been eradicated completely, according to the Ministry of Power. The Power Ministry has said dumsor is likely to return in about two weeks time. This comes after Mahama had said in his State of The Nation Address that the four-year old dumsor crisis has been curbed.

This prediction by the power ministry is as a result of its decision to rest some hydro plants, which might subsequently reduce the power generation capacity. Explaining the situation at hand, the Deputy Power minister John Jinapor, said that the ministry had not been shedding power for about three years now, which has overworked the hydro plants. Hence, the need to rest some of the hydro plants.

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John Jinapor who spoke on Citi Breakfast Show also emphasized this exercise is highly essential for the hydro dam, as ”You can run them for a period of time but you can’t risk running all of them beyond a certain period”. However he stated that the exact impact of the exercise is not completely known.

Jinapor explained that though it is a tough decision, it is the right decision to protect the integrity of the hydro dam. According to him, it is wiser to rest the dams for the next two weeks than to risk running them for the next two weeks and probably have a major problem ahead.

He said that Ghana has all the resources such as fuel, gas, diesel, etc needed to take care of dumsor, but needs to control them to conquer the challenge. Government has since the onset of this challenge, given various conflicting reasons for the recurring power crisis.

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Dumsor had been an overstayed and unwelcome visitor in the Ghana for a period of four years. Government has tried all means possible to tackle the crisis. In December last year, government increased the cost of electricity and introduced new taxes in the petroleum sector in a bid to improve power generation, all to no avail.