Duncan Williams Wife Demands Acknowledgement On Husband’s Behalf Over Cedi Rise

Duncan Williams’ wife and former US trade representative to Africa, Rosa Whitaker has said that her husband’s prayer is responsible for the growth in Ghana’s cedi value which the nation is experiencing at the moment. It would be recalled that in 2014, Duncan Williams had during a church service, said an unusual prayer for the cedi which was in a crippled condition.

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Now that Ghanaians are witnessing a positive change in the economy, Mrs. Duncan Williams has decided to remind Ghanaians who hugely contributed to the change. Speaking in an interview in Washington where she is based, she said her husband’s prayer saved Ghana’s cedi.

According to her, the unlimited power of God is capable of solving any problem regardless of its complexity. Rosa who remains unshaken in her faith in God said that the incident was blown out of its proportion because her husband had said the prayer publicly. According to her, the then currency crisis was worth praying for, and Duncan Williams was not going to sit and watch the situation wreck Ghana’s economy.

During the consistent depreciation in the cedi value, the Archbishop of the Action Faith Chapel International had commanded the cedi to rise during a prayer with his congregation. The archbishop’s I command the resurrection of the cedi. I command and release a miracle for the economy”, during his church service had attracted lots of criticisms from the public including prominent people in the country.

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Ambassador to the Netherlands, Dr Tony Aidoo had criticized Duncan Williams and described his prayer as a ‘comic relief’. He said the prayer had the tendency of encouraging an un-developmental attitude among Ghanaians as they might fail to believe in the importance of their developmental efforts which is essential for the growth of the economy.

But Duncan Williams’ wife who is also President and Founder of the Whitaker Group has said she strongly believes her husband’s prayer saved the cedi.