Charlotte Osei’s Impeachment: Six Hot Questions From CenProG That Proves Petition Against EC Boss Is Partisan

Center for Progressive Governance (CenProG) has released a strong statement, completely condemning the looming EC Boss’ impeachment on the grounds that it is partisan oriented.

In the statement, CenProG raised several questions and concerns with which they buttressed their stance that the allegations being leveled against Madam Charlotte Osei is malicious, tactical, despicable and unfortunate.

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Describing the petition as ‘frivolous’ and the petitioners as ‘faceless’, CenProG recalled that they had in an earlier petition called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to discard the allegations and calls for the EC Boss’ impeachment, pointing out that “it was borne out of a blinkered, blinded and naked disdain for the EC Chairperson”.

According to the group, the petition had no basis to even warrant it being forwarded to the Chief Justice not to talk of it being taken up by the latter. They also stressed that prevailing information are pointing to the fact that the entire issue is fraught in partisanship and will eventually result in a national chaos.

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To lend credence to their argument, CenProG raised the following questions which suggest the frivolity in the EC Boss’ impeachment moves:

1. Is it not curious that the numerous ‘faceless’ petitioners have now been reduced to two (2) and the over twenty seven (27) allegations reduced to six (6)?

2. How do you explain the fact that the petitioners are now believed to be drivers who regardless of their status at the EC will not be privy to the procurement processes?

3. Does it not raise eyebrows that the accused has been invited even though she has not been served with the said petition?

4. Is it not strange that the Chief Justice will establish a prima facie case based on a petition that is clearly a rehash of the same allegations being made against the EC boss before, during and after the elections?

5. Is the fact lost on us that then running mate Bawumia made series of allegations of complicity against the EC boss which turned out to be palpable lies?

6. Is this prima facie establishment in anyway related to the recent rantings by Martin Amidu against the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission?

In addition to these, CenProG also pointed out that the NPP has always expressed their disbelief in Madam Osei’s reputation, alleging that known surrogates were sponsored to petition Chathan House against her nomination for the position of EC chairperson.

They however, called on all well meaning Ghanaians both home and abroad to rise against the move, pointing to the fact that Charlotte Osei would not have won the Woman of Courage Award from the US government if she is indeed of a questionable repute.